Naphthalene Sulfonate (PNS)

Bisley & Company supplies a range of carefully optimised super-plasticiser raw materials to the Concrete Admixture and Drymix Industry in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East.

With excellent dispersing and wetting properties, naphthalene sulfonates have been a workhorse of the building industry. Bisley supplies naphthalene sulfonates as both a calcium and sodium salt, with a variety of sulfate grades available. Formaldehyde free grades are also available.

Perhaps the single most important factor influencing the explosive growth of High Performance Concrete in the past 20 years has been the development of High Range Water Reducers, or Superplasticisers. Technical progress in this sector has been extraordinarily rapid. Recent advances permit the concrete admixture designer to achieve excellent workability and remarkable slump life, whilst minimising set retardation.

  • High workability of concrete, resulting in easy placement without reduction in cement content
  • High strength concrete with normal workability but lower water content
  • A concrete mix with less cement but normal strength and workability

The advent of these materials made it possible for the first time to:

  • economically batch workable concretes with water/cement ratios of 0.3 or less,
  • batch Silica Fume concrete at low water/cement ratios,
  • achieve super-fluid, highly workable concretes without excessive set extension.

Bisley & Co are capable of supply of a variety of both Calcium and Sodium PNS, with various content of free sulphates. The offered options provide the following advantages:

  • Improved product quality, with lower content of free sulphates. Crystallization of sulphate during cold weather periods can thereby be avoided.
  • Improved colour, important especially in the application of products for preparation of latices.
  • Higher activity of the product
  • Lower raw material consumption, by reduction of sulphuric acid and correspondingly also reduction of the neutralisation agent required.

The range of Super-plasticiser raw materials available from Bisley presently includes:

  • Poly Naphthalene Sulphonates (PNS), the Super-plasticiser “work horse” internationally,
  • Poly Melamine Sulphonates – a specialty product for specialised applications,
  • PolyCarboxylates

In addition to concrete applications, these products find uses in other major industry sectors, for example gypsum plasterboard, dry-mix formulations and mining.

For more information including available grades, specifications, applications, safety, storage and handling, please do not hesitate to contact us via email (quick contact) or by phone (+61 2 8905 4200).

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