Peracetic Acid (PAA)

Peracetic Acid is a new, highly effective and “green” alternative to traditional chlorine based disinfectants.

PAA utilises advanced technology, that has been proven in research, as well as everyday use, to achieve much higher levels of oxidation than traditional disinfectants. PAA acts as both a bactericide and a virucide. In aquaculture, it is safe for both post larvae and shrimp. This means PAA can be used during cultivation as well as for pre-water treatment.

PAA reacts readily with water. Water sterilisation can be achieved much more quickly than when using chlorine based disinfectants, resulting in reduced cycle time and increased productivity. PAA also produces significantly less residue than other disinfectants.

Bisley is able to supply pure PAA in various concentrations. We are also able to make customised blends with oxidisers such as hydrogen peroxide, to meet our Cusomers’ individual requirements.

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