Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate – NaDCC

Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) / (SDIC) as its active component, is a highly efficient and versatile chemical agent, essential for various water treatment applications. This product stands out for its purity and efficacy.

Key Applications:

Aquaculture: Ensures the health and hygiene of water, playing a crucial role in maintaining the quality of aquaculture environments.

Drinking Water Treatment: Makes drinking water safe by effectively eliminating harmful microorganisms.

Industrial and Wastewater Treatment: Ideal for treating water in industrial processes and wastewater facilities, ensuring safety and compliance with environmental standards.

Features and Benefits:

Highly Effective Chlorine Source: Serves as a potent chlorine source for various applications.

Textile and Laundry Bleach: Acts as an effective chlorine agent for bleaching in the textile industry, ensuring high-quality fabric treatment.

Algaecide, Fungicide, and Bactericide: Exhibits strong algicidal, fungicidal, and bactericidal properties, making it ideal for a broad range of disinfection and sanitation processes.

Environmentally Friendly: Designed with environmental safety in mind, BIKCHLOR 60 is water-based and compatible with eco-friendly practices.

Storage Stability: Even when diluted, it remains stable, ensuring long-term effectiveness and reliability.

Why Choose Bisley BIK-CHLOR 60 – Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC)

Bisley offers Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) as BIK-CHLOR 60 (with 60% available chlorine) for a multitude of applications, from ensuring clean drinking water to maintaining hygiene in industrial processes, making it an indispensable product for water treatment. Please contact us for specifications and additional information.

Its environmental compatibility further adds to its appeal, making it a responsible choice for businesses and consumers alike.

Please note, not all products are available in all regions, please check your local office for your requirements.