Sodium Lignosulfonate (Lignin)

Sodium Lignosulfonate / Lignosulphonate (Lignin) is a powder that is completely water soluble. It is an anionic surfactant with excellent binding and dispersant properties. Sodium Lignosulfonate is an extract from a range of wood, grass, bagasse, and straw pulping processes. It is used in a wide variety of processes as a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, sustainable and versatile solution.

Lignin is used in many different industries such as:

Sodium lignosulfonate is used in concrete admixtures due to their plasticising, water reducing and low air entraining properties which improves cement workability. They are used as an additive in coal water slurry, as a viscosity reducing agent, reducing the energy consumption of both processes. Sodium lignosulfonates are also used in the cement production process where they are used as a grinding aid. It can also be used in the production of plasterboard products.

Sodium lignosulfonate serves as a dispersant and binding agent in fertiliser and micronutrient production. It acts as a  dispersant and compatibility agents for agrochemicals, promoting growth while protecting crops from stress. It can also be used as a foliar nutrient supplement in fertiliser and as a soil chelate where the cation (positively charged ion) is the nutrient being passed through the plant.

Animal Feed
In stock and animal feeds, sodium lignosulfonate is used as a binder for pelletising different materials, reducing the energy required in pelletising machines/presses when compared to other common binders. It does this through a lubrication effect in dry processes, reducing the wear and tear of machinery.

Oil & Gas
Sodium lignosulfonate is used as a retarder in oil and gas well cementing. A the lignins are very stable, it is possible to accurately assess and decide hardening time.

Dust suppression
Sodium lignosulfonate is used in dust suppression as it effectively binds and stabilises particles such as soil to the surface resulting in a reduced amount of nuisance dust as dust falls may result in safety and environmental concerns. It is particularly used in areas such as broadcare (quarries, construction sites, solar & wind farms, parking areas, mineral dumps, fields), agriculture and forestry unpaved roads and lands, recreation areas (unpaved motorsport and bike tracks) as well as stockpiles and railcar toppings.

As a sustainable solution with long lasting results the use of sodium lignosulfonate in dust control assists in improved visibility; reduced water consumption; reduced costs in operations and maintenance of equipment; in agriculture the reduced levels of dust on plants/crops results in better crop yields.

Other uses
Sodium lignosulfonate is also used:
● In the production of vanillin (artificial vanilla flavour) and as well as an adhesive in contact with food in the food and beverage industry.
● It can be used to disperse pesticides and pigments into water and bind bricks, tiles, linoleum flooring and even roads because they don’t require water to bind.
● As a flame retardant, in lead acid batteries and sunscreen.
● As a de-foaming agent for production of paper.
● In the plastics and rubber industry they are used as a fire-retardant and in the vulcanisation of rubber compounds.
● In automotive & transportation, they serve as dispersants for carbon black in tires and mechanical rubber goods, act as corrosion inhibitors in antifreeze and cooling fluids, and serve as ceramic binders in emissions control catalysts.

Bisley & Company has been selling sodium lignosulfonate for over 30 years with a strategic partnership with Domsjö Fabriker for Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East regions. Domsjö Fabriker is the second largest producer of sustainably produced lignin powder in the world. The bioenergy generated by the manufacturing process is used internally and makes them virtually independent of fossil energy sources. They are the only company in the world to have a closed loop bleaching process with zero emissions.
For more information on Domsjö Fabriker please visit their website.
Bisley and Company offer multiple grades of sodium lignosulfonate from Domsjö Fabriker, contact us today for your requirements. Please note, that not all products are available in all regions, please check with the local Bisley office for your requirements.

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