SOLVAir® Clean Air Solutions

Bisley represents Solvay, a market leading European company providing high performing Clean Air Solutions assisting companies in mitigating acid gas emissions. SOLVAir is a reliable solution for meeting tight flue gas emission requirements for cement plants and other manufacturing industries. It is currently in use by over 500 customers worldwide in over 20 different industries.

SOLVAir is an established technology and has manufacturing plants across Asia, North America and Europe ensuring full supply security and end to end support. SOLVAir is part of the European BRET “Best Available Techniques” and has the ability to remove acid gasses as well as heavy metals, dioxins and furans.

SOLVAir is a sodium based flue gas emission desulphurisation solution. With the increasingly tight environmental regulations on emissions, manufacturing customers need a simple, cost effective, proven and reliable way to manage air emissions. SOLVAir is highly effective in removing acid gasses such as HCl, SOx and HF in Waste to Energy, Cement and Coal to Industrial plants.

SOLVAir® is a reliable and proven solution to meet emissions limits:

  • Highest mitigation level to meet the most stringent regulations
  • Energy Recovery to maximise energy or electricity production, district heating and/ or cooling network purposes
  • Operation flexibility due to different and heterogeneous waste streams
  • Discreet plants (reduced size footprint, no plume at stack)
  • Safe sorbent
  • Lower sorbent consumption & lower residues production
  • No water consumption & no effluent
  • Highest availability of the plant with low maintenance cost

The Benefits of introducing a SOLVAir solution to meet emissions limits:

  • Low CAPEX and can be integrated into existing or minimal flue gas setups
  • More than 99% HCl and SOx mitigation was achieved and more than 99.99% of particles removed.
  • No use of water or effluents prevents pollution transfer from air to water.
  • Adaptable in temperatures between 80-800C
  • SOLVAir is 100% safe for workers to handle since the sorbent is non hazardous
  • Adjustable according to legislation changes

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