Zinc Sulfate 

In Australia, zinc deficiency is one of the most common micronutrient (trace element) deficiencies in agricultural crops. It occurs in a wide range of soil types across all geographical areas.

Zinc sulphate is the most commonly used product to alleviate zinc deficiency, due to its high solubility in water and economical efficiency compared to all other forms of zinc.

Zinc sulphate is produced on many continents of the world although dominated by Chinese supply.  The production landscape, particularly in China is undergoing enormous upheaval and refinement in response to increasing environmental controls, the introduction of new zinc bearing raw materials; emerging transport restrictions and so on. While production in China is guided by a ‘National Standard’, variations in output can be significant. Changes to colour, bulk density, sizing fractions, new element impurities and so on and so on we’ve seen it all!     

For over two decades Bisley has been on the ground with producers examining and auditing. It matters to us!