Sodium Molybdate

An important source of molybdenum is the molybdenite mineral, found all over the world however most commercial sources exist in the Americas and China.  Molybdenite is obtained from both primary and by-product mine operations. Copper mining for example can yield substantial quantities of by-product molybdenite as a concentrate. This concentrate forms the raw material for a range of downstream molybdenum compounds including Bisley’s sodium molybdate.  (Please note not all sodium molybdate producers use this raw material and that due diligence is important). Bisley supplies high-purity sodium molybdate 39.5% Mo content.

Sodium molybdate dihydrate is a white, odourless, free flowing crystalline solid. The molybdate encourages the creation of a protective oxide film on metal surfaces. It is used as a corrosion inhibitor to protect metal surfaces, as it is a non-oxidizing anodic inhibitor. It is also used for cooling water systems, engine coolants, metalworking fluids, metal finishing, oil drilling muds and as a fertiliser nutrient. 

In fertiliser systems, molybdenum is an essential micronutrient though required by plants in very minute amounts. Molybdenum supports the essential metabolism of nitrogen and synthesis of protein. Soil that has no molybdenum at all cannot support plant life!

Sodium molybdate is 100% water soluble, compatible in many mixed fertiliser nutrient formulations, easy to apply and importantly easy to clean with no sticky residues.  

For over 30 years Bisley has been on the ground with producers around the world, we understand molybdenum and our singular role is to drive optimal commercial and technical value for our customers.  We look forward to discussing it further with you.

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