Specialty Treatment Alloys

Chemical specification limits are not enough to produce high quality products. Physical properties are equally important. Bisley supply a range of specialty treatment alloys designed to produce alloys with optimal physical properties and microstructure.

AlTiB – Grain Refining Alloys

The AlTiB family of alloys have been the standard in grain refining for many years. Understanding that different casthouse applications have differing requirements for grain refiners, Bisley is able to offer a range of grain refiners to suit customers’ needs. Different compositions and different origins allow Bisley to provide appropriate grain refiners for all applications. In addition to AlTiB grain refiners, Bisley is also able to offer ultra-clean AlTiC grain refiners for high quality, low gauge foil production.

AlB – Alloys for High Conductivity

Cr, Ti & V are the enemies of achieving high conductivity aluminium. AlB alloys effectively remove these unwanted elements, for the production of high quality and efficient conductors. Bisley provides cost effective AlB alloys in a range of concentrations to suit customers’ requirements.

AlZr /AlCe Alloys for High Temperature Conductors

In recent years a new family of high temperature conductor alloys has been developed. These alloys require the controlled addition of Zr and Ce in addition to physical treatments. Bisley is able to provide a package of AlZr, AlCe and grain refiners for cost effective production of TAL conductors.

AlSr – Hypo Eutectic Modification Alloys

Achieving an effectively modified structure is essential for achieving optimal mechanical properties in hypo-eutectic Al-Si die casting alloys. AlSr alloys allow cost effective modification in the customer’s casthouse. Die casters can save money using in house modification instead of purchasing pre-modified casting alloys. Bisley supply a broad range of AlSr alloys in differing concentrations and physical forms to provide customers with cost effective modification solutions.

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