Traditional model is where the trader creates a barrier between Supplier and Customer, protecting their own interest. Bisley creates synergy between Suppliers and Customers, adding value to both.

What Our Suppliers Can Expect From Bisley



We’ve been around for over 66 years. The majority of our management team and senior product management staff have been with us for more than 15 years. Long enough to really comprehend the subtleties of our markets. Subtleties that enable us to deliver you competitive advantage.



…in depth to major industry sectors such as Aluminium, Steel, Foundry, Welding, Water Treatment, Glass, Refractories, Ceramics, Construction, Rubber and Plastics.


…to work with you to tailor innovative marketing solutions consistent with your Corporate objectives. We won’t put your business in a box!


Starting as a small Company, we have grown to be a significant multi-national business. We haven’t forgotten our roots however. We remain sufficiently compact and agile to be responsive and adaptable, yet substantial enough to manage the largest transactions.

Good Company!

Many world leading firms have already entrusted the marketing of their technical raw materials to Bisley. In choosing to work with us, you can be sure you will be in the best of company.

Peace of Mind

We live in an era of unprecedented volatility. Variations in foreign exchange, seafreight, raw material prices and energy costs all conspire to undermine your manufacturing bottom line. At Bisley, whilst we cannot eradicate risk, we offer a wide range of customised solutions to assist you in managing these exposures.