Ulexite is a unique sodium-calcium borate mineral. It is ideally suited to ground application as a means of correcting boron deficiency in a wide range of plant species.

Applied either alone, or as a component of a multi-nutrient granular bulk blend, ulexite offers a number of interesting attributes relative to other, highly soluble forms of boron. The most significant of these is ulexite’s dissolution rate.

Unlike highly soluble borates, ulexite offers a slow boron release consistent with the gradual uptake of boron required by plants.

For many plant species, the threshold between boron deficiency and boron toxicity is quite narrow. Applying a slow release form of boron can significantly reduce this toxicity risk.

Boron is readily leached from the soil. In areas of high rainfall a significant proportion of the boron contained in soluble borates simply never reaches the plant. With a controlled solubility borate such as ulexite, the propensity for leaching is substantially reduced.

Finally, ulexite’s cost per unit boron is highly attractive relative to most commonly used alternatives.

Bisley supplies ulexite in a range of grades from 30% to over 48% B2O3. Various product forms are available including powder and granules suited to forestry applications or blending with other granular fertilisers.

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