Lubricants, Dry Drawing

Condat has the widest range of dry lubricants available in the market, covering all cold forming applications requiring dry lubricants. The large range of formulations with calcium and sodium soap based dry lubricants all meet the current environmental, health and safety legislations.


  • Reduced waste and soap consumption.
  • Allowing higher speeds and drawing capabilities.
  • Low die wear.
  • Strong adhesion on smooth surfaces.
  • Uniform surface finish.


  • Wire drawing in low, medium, High Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel.
  • Wire drawing of Zinc, Copper or Aluminium coated wires.
  • Cold rolling (construction).
  • Drawing of bars and profiles.
  • Manufacture of nails, staples, fences, electroplated wires, welding electrodes or wire, springs, PC strands, tyre cord, bearings, fasteners, etc.

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