Surface Treatments

Condat has a range of non reactive coatings designed to improve drawing performance. They are applied after acid cleaning or after mechanical descaling (brushing, shot blasting, etc.) in order to create an adherent crystalline structure which will improve the lubricant adhesion on the metal surface.

This technology is often used in the drawing of stainless steel and high carbon steel used in the production of wire, bars or profiles, and for cold heading applications.

These non reactive coatings are based on mineral salts and they were developed because:

  • They are much easier to implement and maintain.
  • Provide an environmentally friendly solution.
  • Allow greater efficiency and process savings.

The wide range of salts and formulations used enable Condat to provide customers with products which fulfill requirements for coating adhesion, artificial roughness and drying ability.


  • Wire drawing of Carbon Steel.
  • Wire drawing of Stainless Steel.
  • Wire for cold-heading (Steel and Stainless Steel).
  • Drawing of tubes and bars (Steel and Stainless steel).

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Surface Treatments